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Yes, I've made one as well:

I shall spend the next few days poking around the site for others I know. Drop me a line if you already have one so my search will go faster :D

I don't think I have any invites (yet). But as soon as I get some I'll offer them up to my flist.


My membership to the snuna_exchange has been reinstated after an apology was issued for it being revoked in the first place.

I thank the mod for her quick corrective action.


This is...funny, I guess.

I have just been kicked out of the snuna_exchange community because I posted a suggestion. And I'm not even a writer! XD

Here"s my suggestionCollapse )


Cleaning up the flist a bit

I've just gone through my flist and removed a few people. Though I highly doubt any of them will mind. These were people on who's lj I rarely if ever commented--nor they on mine--or who are no longer in the HP fandom.

I do apologize if anyone has taken offense. That was not my intent. Truly.

If I somehow cut you by mistake, drop me a line and I'll add you back.


OMG! I drabbled!

Title: Reserved
Word Count: 128
Characters: Severus Snape, Hermione Granger
Rating: PG
AN: harmony_bites made me do this on a dare. Any complaints you can send her way. XD (Oh, this is the slightly extended version of what I posted to grangersnape100).

”Reserved”Collapse )


Icons of HG/SS fanart by Sempraseverus

Sempraseverus gave me permission to make some more icons of her wonderful HG/SS artwork. So here they are!

SSHG GotKitty by Sempraseverus SSHG Just Because by Sempraseverus Hermione Deny Her Nothing II by Sempraseverus Anything II by Sempraseverus Loves Quiecent Blush by Sempraseverus

Severus"s Heart by Sempraseverus Distracted Dreamer by Sempraseverus He Dreams an Abstract Heart by Sempraseverus Another Starry Night by Sempraseverus Deeper II by Sempraseverus

Tangled Limbs by Sempraseverus Wake to This by Sempraseverus Moonlight Ride DTL by Sempraseverus Magick Carpet Ride by Sempraseverus SlytherGryff Kiss by Sempraseverus

Trick or Treat; Treat, Please by Sempraseverus A Lesson in Patience by Sempraseverus Nothing is Settled by Sempraseverus Hermione Everlasting by Sempraseverus The Slytherin Kiss by Sempraseverus

Please remember to credit Sempraseverus for the art when snagging!


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